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Table 2 Themes and categories identified from interviews with the bar owners by hierarchy of contingencies

From: Challenges for the smoking ban in Israeli pubs and bars: analysis guided by the behavioral ecological model

Themes Financial and social reinforcements for punishments for adopting the ban Situations enhancing or prohibiting adopting the ban
Level of Hierarchy Category Category
1. Society level 1. The social perceptions of “having fun” in the bar. 1. Banning smoking as a result of social criticism.
  2. Reactions to social movements trying to enforce the law.
  3. The disobedient Israeli customer.
2. Community level 1. Frequency of receiving fines. 1. Inconsistencies in inspectors’ behavior.
2. The courts as a non-supportive organization environment.  
3. Local level 1. The bar’s losses and gains in enforcing the ban. 1. Inconsistencies in adherence to the ban.
4. Individual level   2. Problems in the built environment preventing adherence with the ban.
   1. Patrons’ reactions to smoking in P&B.
   2. The bar owner’s role as the enforcer of the ban.