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Table 8 Reasons for not complying with H1N1 vaccination (N = 1555)

From: Analysis of public responses to preparedness policies: the cases of H1N1 influenza vaccination and gas mask distribution

 Category n(%) Reason for non-compliance with flu vaccination n
Passivity 283 (18.2) It just did not work out for me 225
   Open answers reflecting indifference 58
Reasoning 947 (60.9) Decided to take the chance 89
   Did not feel in danger 426
   Think that interventions is not effective 133
   Intervention is harmful 213
   Open answers reflecting Reasoning 86
Distrust 257 (16.5) I don’t believe in vaccines 187
   I did not trust authorities 57
   Open answers reflecting distrust 13
Undefined 68 (4.4) Open answers of other category 44
   Reason not disclose 24
  1. a Please note that “belief” in Hebrew means “faith/conviction” rather than “opinion”.