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Table 2 Summary of the remuneration of physicians in Israel

From: Recent physician strike in Israel: a health system under stress?

Setting Sub setting Remuneration
Primary care physicians Clinic based • A monthly salary, based on experience, list size and the number of hours worked
An additional monthly capitation payment for patient lists that are longer than a prescribed number
• Additional special payments for certain activities
  Independently based • Capitation basis
Community based specialists Salaried • Salary reflecting the number of hours worked, experience and rank
• Additional payments for seeing more “first-time” patients
  Independent • Capitation basis
• Additional fee-for-service payments for some procedures
Hospital based doctors   • Mainly salaried depending on responsibility and experience.
• Additional money through:
   Private work in private hospitals or community settings- usually fee-for-service
   Some voluntary hospitals in Jerusalem allow private services in public hospitals by out of pocket, supplementary or commercial health insurance schemes and fee for service.
   Working for established health trusts out of hours
      Some accept illegal, under-the table payments
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