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Table 2 Common reasons for visiting a general orthopaedic clinic (whether self referral or referral by another clinician) and relevant domains of knowledge

From: The case for orthopaedic medicine in Israel

  Visit reasons Relevant domain of training
1 Minor trauma Orthopaedic trauma / general trauma
2 Major orthopaedic trauma Orthopaedic trauma / general trauma
3 Orthopaedic surgery including scoliosis and pediatric orthopaedic surgery Orthopaedic surgery
4 Tumors of the musculoskeletal system Orthopaedic surgery
5 Osteoarthritis Needing surgery Orthopaedic surgery
6 Not needing or S/P surgery Rehabilitation
7 Follow up of fractures
8 Rehabilitation Rehabilitation
9 Osteoporosis Family medicine / endocrinology
10 Musculoskeletal pain Localized muscle pain
11 Radiated muscle pain
12 Pain management
13 Orthopaedic appliances (orthotics, braces and shoes) Orthotics & prosthetics
14 Orthopaedic furniture (chairs, beds and mattresses) Ergonomics
15 Complaints related to exercise / sports Exercise medicineo
16 Sick leave, temporary and permanent work restrictions Occupational medicine
17 Somatization Family medicine / clinical psychology
18 Litigation issues Legal medicine