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Table 3 estimated expenditure on custom made shoe orthotics

From: The case for orthopaedic medicine in Israel

HMO No. prescriptions Price paid per prescription Total
HMO-a 30,000 600 NIS 18M NIS
Other HMO's 60,000 800 NIS 48M NIS
Israel defense forces 10,000 200 NIS 2M NIS
Private market 20,000 1,000-2,400 32M NIS
Total 120,000   100M NIS
  1. Unofficial data from 2010. Price for HMO-a includes the price paid by the HMO, the deductable, and an estimate of the surcharge paid to improve the orthotics from the basic covered by the HMO. Other HMO's were calculated counting 25% of citizens in HMO-a, and 2/3 rate of utilization per person compared with HMO-a. The price for HMO-a is lower than other HMO's because they contract the orthoticians directly. The data in this table is provided as an overview and constitutes a rough estimate. Exchange rate: $1 = 4 NIS.