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Table 2 Specialty training

From: Regulatory tasks of national medical associations - international comparison and the Israeli case

Legislation Responsibility Assessments Duration Standards
State by-laws and independent statutes of the State Chambers of Physicians. GMA federal model training regulations. Responsibility of the NMA (State chambers), accountable to the Governments of the Lander Oral exam at the end of specialist training 4-6 years, depending on the specialty Training and examination standards are set by the German State Chambers of Physicians (Arztekammern).
The Physician Ordinance and Physicians Regulations (Approval of Specialist Certification and Exams) Responsibility of the IMA Scientific Council. Certification is formally issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health based on the recommendation of the IMA Scientific council. Stage 1 written exam and stage 2 oral exam. 4-7 years, depending on the specialty IMA Scientific Council holds statutory responsibility for training, examinations, and accreditation of departments for specialty training.
Individual Healthcare Professions Act (BIG Act). Responsibility of the KNMG. The rules of the colleges (regulatory bodies of the KNMG) require approval of the Dutch Minister of Health Each specialty has its own form of assessment, often administered throughout the training period. 2-6 years depending on the specialty The KNMG determines the content of the training for medical specialists, accreditation of training institutes, and requirements for re-registration of medical specialists
The Medical Act (1983) Responsibility of the GMC. Physicians are required to complete examinations before being awarded a Certification of Completion of Training. Post graduate education begins with a two-year Foundation training programme. Trainees then choose to train for an additional 3 year to become a GP or longer to become a specialist consultant. The GMC sets the standards, learning objectives and requirements for postgraduate medical education in the UK.
Most states have their own Medical Practice Act. Responsibility of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Physicians must pass an examination in order to receive initial specialty certification 3-6 years of training The ABMS is the preeminent body responsible for the credentialing of medical specialists. US specialty boards are jointly approved by the ABMS and the American Medical Association Council on Medical Education (AMA/CME).