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Table 1 Intervention programs offered in the survey study

From: Role of intervention programs to increase influenza vaccination in Israel

Number Questionnaire item of the intervention program
1. You will receive the vaccination for free
2. Vaccination will be provided as a nasal spray rather than a shot
3. You will receive vaccination in a close and more convenient place, such as a mall or a location near the work place
4. You will receive a $12* coupon to use as you wish in a pharmacy
5. You will receive $12* if you take the vaccination
6. You will receive information pamphlets regarding the disease and regarding the vaccination
7. Your family doctor will recommend vaccination
8. TV and radio advertisement will encourage vaccination
9. You will receive a phone call reminder to be vaccinated
10. You will be assessed a health tax of $12 if you do not get vaccinated
  1. *All prices are translated to U.S. Dollars but originally were presented in the local currency, New Israeli Shekels (NIS).