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Table 1 Actions to promote implementation and validation of Shared Decision Making (SDM)

From: The role of medical schools in promoting social accountability through shared decision-making

Areas of focus Proposed interventions
Education Establish a training protocol on how to teach SDM values and practices
Integrate SDM competency training into pre-clinical and clinical medical school curriculum
Enhance SDM competencies in residency training and continuing medical education in general
Research Validate and develop Hebrew assessment tools for SDM that can help evaluate and guide practice
Explore and identify different patients' needs and preferences regarding involvement in medical decision-making
Develop, disseminate and assess interventions to facilitate SDM in routine practice
Practice Disseminate formal training and practical tools to allow the application of SDM practices in routine care (including: how to create partnerships, how to communicate risks and benefits of different treatment options, how to explore patients' values, needs, preferences and barriers)
  Design and distribute decisional aids that can provide patients with medical information about treatment options, benefits, and side effects in lay language