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Table 3 Attitudes of primary-care physicians to CGA, by specialty ("definitely agree")

From: The contribution of comprehensive geriatric assessment to primary care physicians

  Total (%) No specialization Family medicine Internal medicine
The geriatric clinic relates to the physical, mental, social and family status of the patient more than other consultation clinics do 69 70 71 62
The medication recommendations given by the geriatric clinic take into account the patient’s general condition more so than those given by other consultation clinics* 50 54 59 33
The recommendations I get from the geriatric clinic are more detailed than those I get from other consultation clinics* 48 46 55 39
With the help I get from the geriatric clinic, I learn more about diagnosing and treating the elderly than I do with the help of other clinics* 41 49 44 31
The recommendations given to the patients and their families at the geriatric clinic improve the quality of life of the elderly patients 40 49 40 35
The geriatric clinic is more considerate of the patient’s wishes than other clinics 24 32 24 18
My communication with the geriatric clinic is better than with other clinics* 20 22 26 9
The patients are more willing to comply with the recommendations of the geriatric clinic than of other clinics* 15 22 15 9
The geriatric clinics recommend additional testing more so than other consultation clinics 12 27 11 4
  1. *Statistically significant for GPs/family physicians and specialists in internal medicine vs. other specialties (P < 0.05).
  2. Values in bold reflect statements included in the specific domain.