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Table 4 Satisfaction of primary-care physicians with CGA, by specialty ("very satisfied")

From: The contribution of comprehensive geriatric assessment to primary care physicians

  Total (%) General medicine Family medicine Internal medicine
The professional level of the staff at the clinic 54 55 59 46
The attitude of the staff at the clinics to the patients and members of their families 49 53 52 40
The attitude of the physicians and staff at the clinics towards you personally* 46 56 50 31
Your communication with the physicians and staff at the clinics and your ability to talk with them when necessary* 36 48 39 22
Their diagnoses and their recommendations for medication, treatment, and social assistance services 36 32 42 28
The guidance to family members regarding the Community Long-term Care Insurance Law, supervision, safety in the home, and other issues that are important to the well-being of the elderly 36 39 40 29
The recommendations and guidance they give to the elderly and their families regarding functioning, use of social services (e.g., the Community Long-term Care Insurance Law), and recreational activities 29 24 34 24
Waiting time for appointments 15 16 15 13
  1. *Statistically significant for GPs/family physicians and specialists in internal medicine vs. other specialties (P < 0.05).
  2. Values in bold reflect statements included in the specific domain.