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Table 1 Number and percentage of publications addressing primary prevention, both direct and indirect 1 in psychiatry and social sciences journals in Israel

From: Primary mental health prevention themes in published research and academic programs in Israel

Journal Universal primary prevention Selective primary prevention Indicated primary prevention
Israel journal of psychiatry n: 5 articles (1.0%) n: 9 articles (1.8%) n: 2 articles
Reviewed articles: N = 500 Direct – 1 Direct – 0 Direct – 1
Indirect/related – 4 Indirect/related – 9 (1.8%) Indirect/related – 1
Examples: Example: Example:
Direct: Prevention of Eating Disorders: A Review of Outcome Evaluation Research Indirect/related: Children Living under a Multi-Traumatic Environment: The Palestinian Case Direct: Prevention of Recurrent Postpartum Depression - a Reasonable Option?
Indirect/related: On Stigma in Our Society   
Megamot (in Hebrew) n: 1 article n: 6 articles (3.0%) n: 2 articles
Reviewed articles: N = 202 Direct – 0 Direct – 0 Direct – 0
Indirect/related – 1 Indirect/related – 6 (3.0%) Indirect/related – 2
Example: Example: Example:
Indirect/related: The role of social support, self-esteem and adaptation in explaining the tendency for suicidal thoughts among the youth Indirect/related: Coping resources of children in dysfunctional families Indirect/related: Psychological distress among adolescents form the West Bank who took an active part in the resistance to the Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan
Hevra Verevaha (in Hebrew) n: 3 articles n: 34 article (14.6%) n: 5 articles (2.2%)
Reviewed articles: N = 232 Direct – 0 Direct – 8 (3.5%) Direct – 1
Indirect/related – 3 Indirect/related – 25 (10.8%) Indirect/related – 4
Example: Examples: Examples:
Indirect/related: The perception of consumers with chronic psychiatric illnesses in the Israeli public Direct: Could it there a "bright future" for the children "red" alarm? Building resilience for parents and young children exposed to ongoing threats of terrorism in Sderot Direct: Elem’s outreach vans: outreach service to the street youth
   Indirect/related: Distress and ideological isolation among teenagers who were evacuated or who opposed the evacuation of settlements: A two year follow-up Indirect/related: The trip to the Far East: Israeli hikers and their experience with psychoactive substances
  1. 1Direct primary prevention refers to interventions that can be applied directly (e.g., prevention programs for mental health problems); indirect/related primary prevention refers to studies providing information on modifiable factors that could be used ultimately in primary prevention interventions.
  2. 2001–2012.