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Table 2 Legislation regarding Restriction of smoking in public places 1983–2014

From: Tobacco policy in Israel: 1948–2014 and beyond

Main legislation Supporting legislation Year of revision Details
  Public health regulations (Prohibition of smoking in hospitals) 1982 (canceled 1983)  
Restriction of smoking in public places act   1983 Ban on smoking in cinemas and show theatersa, medical facilitiesa, communal areas in pharmacies, librariesa, educational facilitiesa, elevators, busses, taxis
  Restriction on smoking in public places regulations (Sign placement) 1984 “No smoking” sign required
   1988 Added banned venues - trainsa, communal areas in supermarkets, dinersa, coffee-shopsa, restaurantsa, gyms and kindergartens.
  Restriction on smoking in public places Regulations (Ushers) 1988 Property owner/holder allowed to appoint ushers to impose the “no-smoking” ban.
   1990 Added banned venues - communal areas in banks and post-offices
   1994 Added banned venues – workplacesa
   2001 Allowed “smoking area” changed into allowed “separate smoking room”, smoking entirely prohibited in hospital buildings, added banned venues - banquet hallsa, mallsa
  Public Health Regulations (Prohibition of Smoking in hospitals) 2004 Hospital directors must appoint ushers, charged with upholding the smoking ban
   2005 Appointment of “no smoking” ushers in hospitals.
Prevention of smoking in public places and exposure to second-hand smoke Act (Name of act changed)   2007 Added banned venue: barsa and pubsa, duty of supervision and criminal responsibility imposed on property owner/occupant, municipal authorities required to appoint non-smoking supervisors, smoking prohibitions extended to apply to security forces.
  Criminal Procedure Order (fine offenses - preventing smoking in public places) 2007 Violation of the prohibition of smoking in public places is fineable without trail.
   2012 Added banned venues – entrances to medical facilities, partial outdoors of any food or beverage serving facility, enclosed bus stop, train station, outdoor swimming pool, public stair-cases, governmental offices in entirety, partial outdoors of banquet halls, places of religious worship including partial outdoors, youth center, nursing homesa.
   2014 Smoking in sports stadiums restricted to designated areas, of no more than a third of entire sitting area.
  1. a = excluding designated smoking areas (until 2001)/ separate smoking room (since 2001).