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Table 4 Recommendations for additional tobacco control policy measures in Israel

From: Tobacco policy in Israel: 1948–2014 and beyond

Recommendation Supported by
Guarantee funding for tobacco control NTCP, FCTC Article 5
Place strong curbs on tobacco industry advertising, marketing, and promotion NTCP, HI2020, FCTC Article 13, MPOWER
Educate the Israeli public about the dangers of smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke NCTP, HI2020, MPOWER
Enforce tobacco control laws NTCP, HI 2020, FCTC Articles 7 and 8, MPOWER
Protect children from tobacco smoke exposure HI2020
Develop and implement a wise policy for e-cigarettes, other harm-reducing products, and alternative forms of tobacco  
Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the NTCP and other tobacco control policies, and perform core tobacco control research HI2020, FCTC (Article 5), MPOWER
Periodically update the NTCP, and include an Endgame strategy FCTC (Article 5)
  1. NTCP: Israel National Tobacco Control Plan.
  2. HI2020: Healthy Israel 2020.
  3. FCTC: World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
  4. MPOWER: World Health Organization’s suggested measures to assist in country-level implementation of effective interventions to reduce demand for tobacco.