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Table 1 The percentage that chose to award to each service the extra budget and to include it in the personal insurance*

From: Personal needs versus national needs: public attitudes regarding health care priorities at the personal and national levels

  Chose at both levels Chose only in personal insurance Chose only for national budget Not choose
Screening tests for early detection of disease 86.5 4.6 6.2 2.7
Nursing care 81.6 3.0 11.3 4.1
Cardiac rehabilitation 83.5 5.5 7.4 3.6
Preventative medicine and health promotion 64.4 6.0 14.6 15.0
Dental care 54.0 14.3 14.5 17.2
Mental health care 53.8 5.1 29.3 11.8
Alternative medicine 41.1 13.5 13.5 31.9
  1. *“chose” includes 2 categories: ’I would certainly choose’ and ’It is likely that I would choose’. “Did not choose” includes two statements: ’I would certainly not choose’ and ’It is likely that I would not choose’. Included in the table are only the participants that answered both questions. The areas included are those that appeared in both questions.