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Table 1 Participants’ knowledge of their risks relevant to the decision regarding amniocentesis

From: The limited effect of information on Israeli pregnant women at advanced maternal age who decide to undergo amniocentesis

Test Correctly recalled result na (%)
First trimester screen 11 21 (52 %)
Second trimester screen 7 21 (33 %)
Age related risk 15 42 (36 %)
Amniocentesis riskb 39 42 (93 %)
  1. aFor the first and second trimester screens, the percentages are calculated among those who had the test and received results at the time of survey. For age and amniocentesis related risk, the percentages are calculated among all participants
  2. bBoth 1:1000 and 1:200 estimates of miscarriage risk associated with amniocentesis were accepted as correct