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Table 2 Subjective risk perceptions of women regarding amniocentesis risk

From: The limited effect of information on Israeli pregnant women at advanced maternal age who decide to undergo amniocentesis

Question: Replies: Number of women (percentage of total responders)a
“Do you consider the risk associated with amniocentesis as high, medium or low?” Considers risk high 5 (14 %)
Considers risk medium 7 (20 %)
Considers risk low 23 (66 %)
“Which risk do you think is higher, the risk for DSb or the risk of amniocentesis” Amniocentesis risk higher than DS risk 9 (26 %)
The two risks are similar 6 (17 %)
Amniocentesis risk lower than DS risk 15 (43 %)
  1. a35 women replied to the first question and 30 to the second
  2. bDS is an abbreviation for Down syndrome