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Table 3 Themes emerged from the data

From: Challenges of the Pandemic Response in Primary Care during Pre-Vaccination Period: A Qualitative Study

1. Patient consultations 1.1 high flow of flu patients and worried-well
• surges of people who were concerned they may get sick
1.2 provision of information
• patients seeking personal reassurance
1.3 antiviral treatment
• limited experience in prescribing antiviral drugs (Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza))
• prescribing according to strict guidelines
2. Public health responsibilities 2.1 patient segregation
• difficulty of isolating flu patients in primary care clinics
2.2 personal protection
• convenience of using PPE in primary care
• supply of PPE
3. Communication with the health authorities 3.1 communication of policies and guidelines to PCPs
• redundant and conflicting communication from multiple sources
• guidelines - frequently updated, lengthy, not oriented to primary care, conflicting with on-the ground experience
3.2 bottom-up communication from PCPs
• time consuming reporting to the authorities
• no route to provide feedback about the on-the-ground experience to the authorities