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Table 3 Comparison of Israel and Portugal-eHealth in the country

From: Health information technology implementation - impacts and policy considerations: a comparison between Israel and Portugal

  Israel Portugal
ICT development indicators a   
ICT Development Index 6.19 5.77
ICT Development Index rank 27 32
Cellular subscribers per 100 hab (2011) 122 115
eHealth Policies a   
National eGovernment Policy Yes (2004) Yes (before 2000)
National eHealth Policy Yes (in process) Yes (2008)
Regulation on eHealth Yes Yes
National telemedicine policy No Yes
mHealth initiatives are conducted in the country Yes Yes
Formal evaluation and/or publication of mHealth initiatives No No
Results from the research   
Time of development of eHealth initiatives 1985 1990
Starter of initiatives Health plans (bottom-up) Government (top-down)
Innovation Innovation culture, start-up nation Slow innovation in the area
Interoperability Yes (since 2014) Yes (since 2007)
Health Portal Yes Yes
  1. aSource: WHO [27]