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Table 2 Agreement with phrases which might impede discussion of PDM

From: Physician-facilitated designation of proxy decision-makers: family physician perceptions

Fear of harm to patient Discussing PDM has the potential to depress the patient 39 (53 %)
Discussing PDM can lead to medical deterioration 13 (18 %)
Fear of relationship disruption Discussing PDM could harm the doctor-patient relationship 23 (31 %)
Delegation of PDM can lead to familial disputes 37 (50 %)
Sense of futility Patients are not interested in discussing delegation of PDM 28 (38 %)
Patient do not have the capacity to appreciate the complexity of their medical condition and are not fit for discussing and deciding on this topic 21 (28 %)
Patients might change their mind regarding EOL instruction, with time and given varying situations. 69 (93 %)
Physician uneasiness I do not feel comfortable to discuss the topic 21 (28 %)
I feel burdened by the topic 46 (63 %)