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Table 2 Providing a pre-exercise certificate to general population and cardiac patients. Certificate for the general population

From: Dealing with ambiguity: Israeli physician’s attitudes and practices regarding pre-exercise certificates: a questionnaire study

  Affirmative response
Do you generally provide your patients with a pre-exercise certificate? Yes – 43.7 %
Maybe – 55.6 %
No – 0.7 %
Do you Provide a certificate with no further action 18.5 %
Do you Refer to an exercise stress test (ergometry) 21.3 %
Do you Refer to a sports medicine consultant 8.1 %
Do you Refer to a cardiologist 11.0 %
Do you Ascertain that has recently undergone an ergometry exam 17.6 %
Do you Document the details of physical activity in the patient’s medical record 25.7 %
Do you Document negative symptoms in the patient medical record: (shortness of breath, chest pain/pressure or dizziness during exercise, loss of consciousness during or after exercise) 66.2 %
Do you Document pertinent family history in the patient’s medical record (sudden death at a young age; cardiovascular disease at a young age) 61.8 %