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Table 1 Decision-makers forecast of the public’s preferences for the government role in healthcare and the actual distribution of the public’s responses in the survey

From: Decision-makers’ acquaintance with the public’s priorities in health services

The options presented Decision-makers forecast Distribution of the public’s responses
# (%) %a
1. The government provides healthcare for everybody and finances them from the taxes collected from the citizens. There are no HMOs, the government is the HMO of everybody. 2 (10) 35
Between options 1 and 2 3 (14)  
2. Health Care Organizations provide healthcare. The citizen pays health insurance to government and the government distributes the revenues among the HMOs 15 (71) 43
3. All is private. The citizen buys him/herself health insurance. The government only supervises and regulates health services and only funds the insurance for vulnerable populations. 0 18
Between 1 and 3 1 (5)  
  1. a4 % non-respondents