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Table 10 Representative quotes of main KTE activities in Israela

From: Views of health system policymakers on the role of research in health policymaking in Israel

Theme Quotes to support the theme
1. Attending local and international conferences The presence at and support of conferences, which I think are also a good tool to design future research. Then you report what you have done, but it’s actually the infrastructure for the things that follow.
2. Building formal relationships between researchers and policymakers  
• Partners in research production We’re constantly involved in research … all kinds of researchers come to us.
• Meeting to discuss research The activities of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Management with the Gertner Institute(Institute for Epidemiology and Health Policy Research), - periodic meetings to talk about research and what are the needs of the MOH, and what Gertner can give.
3. Collaborating on committees for specific issues We direct advisory committees in many fields to define quality indicators in hospitals in Israel and carry out studies of clinical outcomes, form partnerships with relevant scientific unions, and collaborate in studies they do and conduct our own studies… for formulating policy, eventually.
4. Linkages with international organizations i.e. OECD The MoH representative in the OECD makes the integration of what is happening with our hospital quality indicators and what is done with quality indicators around the world and we participate in international studies as part of the OECD countries to make international comparisons.
Meetings with international bodies such as the OECD, the World Health Organization, conferences of all sorts.
  1. aThe themes in the table are presented from the most to the least common themes mentioned in the interviews