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Table 9 Representative quotes on the facilitators to the use of HSPR in health policymaking/decision making in Israela

From: Views of health system policymakers on the role of research in health policymaking in Israel

Theme Quotes to support
1. Collaboration and relationships between researchers and policymakers A small country, where there are many connections between people, so they have many opportunities for sharing information and transferring ideas etc. That helps…
Since there is the Knesset Research and Information Center, we have a better ground for work on, because the work is based on data and not only on intuition or biased knowledge that is only based on my life-experience, and I don’t know other people’s life experiences well enough.
Combination of researchers who are also involved in clinical work, i.e. management, as well as researchers, who can influence research directions and then get results that fit their decision making.
2. Facilitators related to the actual research and dissemination of the research  
• Outlining the relevance of the study to Israel Research that relates to the population in Israel is by nature better able to influence policy than general research … The more it refers to the Israeli population, or a specific sector where the question is, then its validity would be greater, it will have more weight.
• Type and quality of research The quality of research – relevant research, done on a large scale, with the participation of relevant people with prestige and influence on decision makers.
Research based on administrative data is very helpful to rely on, and not only on sample and survey data.
The quality of research which is reflected … also the methodology, even where it was published.
3. Outside pressure  
• Public pressure Understanding of the need by the public, so they can come out and demonstrate and influence decision-making
• Media pressure An increase in the prevalence of the phenomenon as is reflected in the media. Politicians are very sensitive to the media …
4. Culture that supports the use of research in decision-making The great openness and the desire of decision makers, and their understanding that such studies can be a working tool, or a tool that contributes to decision making. It’s this willingness of the decision-makers
  1. aThe themes in the table are presented from the most to the least common themes mentioned in the interviews