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Table 2 Summary of studies evaluating the connection between HG and ethnicity

From: Hyperemesis gravidarum in northern Israel: a retrospective epidemiological study

Study Study population Ethnicity in aim of study Ethnic groups assessed HG prevalence
Vilming and Neshem [10], Norway (1993-1997) N = 120 Primary Norwegian, non-Norwegian Higher in non-Norwegian
Paauw et al [20], USA (1984-1991) N = 45 Secondary Whites, non-White Higher incidence in non-Whites
Vlachodimitropoulou-Koumoutsea et al [9], UK (2007-2010) N = 208 Secondary Caucasian, African/Caribbean, Asian, Oriental, mixed No significant difference
Bailit [2], USA (1999) N = 2,466 Secondary White, Non-White, Hispanic Higher in Non-Whites
Bashiri et al [4], Israel (19985-1988) N = 164 Secondary Jewish, Bedouin Higher in Jewish
Konikoff et al. Israel (2010-2013) N = 184 Primary Jewish, Arab No significant difference