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Table 2 Collection and recycle of unused drugs in the USA

From: Household medical waste disposal policy in Israel

How are unused drugs collected? Examples
Drug collection events every several months in accordance with the DEA. The collection is free and anonymous [23]. National drug collection event in September 2015 in different US states [23], Drug collection events in Manitowoc county in Wisconsin state [25], Drug collection events in Illinois [43].
Drug collection on a monthly base Pharmacies collect non-controlled prescription drugs and OTC medications on the last Saturday of every month in New-York state [24].
Secured drop boxes for drug collection that can be accessed in specific days and times. Secure drop boxes in New-York state that can be accessed in specific days and times, several such drop boxes are available for the public 24 h a day, seven days a week [24].
Collection by the law enforcement agencies (Sheriff office, police) In Manitowoc (Wisconsin) there are drug collection drop boxes in police stations [25].
Collection of unused or expired drugs by pharmacies. Most of the states.