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Table 3 Programs, legislations, policies, and funds regarding collection of unused and expired household drugs in Canada [17, 18]

From: Household medical waste disposal policy in Israel

Province/territory Program and year of initiation Voluntary of regulated framework Return location Funding sources
Alberta ENVIRx (1988) Voluntary Pharmacies Pharmaceutical companies, provincial government
British Columbia BC MRP (1999) Regulated under environmental management act Pharmacies Pharmaceutical and consumer health product industries
Manitoba Manitoba MRP (2011) Regulated under The Waste Reduction and Prevention Act) Pharmacies Pharmaceutical and consumer health product industries
New Brunswick None   Some of the pharmacies  
Newfound-land and Labrador Household Hazardous Waste (1998) Voluntary Household hazardous waste depots Provincial and municipal governments
Nova Scotia Medication Disposal Program (mid 1990s) Voluntary Pharmacies Pharmaceutical companies
Yukon/Quebec None   Collection events, most of the pharmacies  
Nunavut None   Pharmacies and health centers  
Ontario Ontario MRP (2013) Regulated under Environmental Protection Act Collection events, pharmacies Pharmaceutical and consumer health product industries,
Provincial government
Prince Edward Island Take it back (2004) Voluntary Pharmacies and Waste Watch Drop-off centers Island Waste Management Corporation
Saskatchewan Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal (1997) Voluntary Pharmacies Pharmacies