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Table 1 Diagnostic composition of different models (ages 25+ unless otherwise stated)

From: Mortality, hospital days and expenditures attributable to ambient air pollution from particulate matter in Israel

  ICD10 code WHO MAXIa WIDEa
Ling Cancer C33-C34 X X X
Diabetes Type II E11   X X
Dementia F01–F07    Xb
Parkinson’s G20    Xb
Alzheimer’s G30    Xb
Circulatory I10–I99    X
Cardiovascular I20–I28, I30–I52    
IHD I20–I25 X X  
CHF I30–I52   X  
Stroke I60–I61, I63, I64 X X  
Respiratory J00–J99    X
ALRI J10–J22 Xc Xd  
COPD J44 X X  
Asthma J45    X
Low Birth Weight P07.0–P07.1   Xe Xe
  1. aBased on literature up to and including 2015
  2. bOnly for hospitalization days not for mortality
  3. cUnder 1 year old only
  4. dAll ages
  5. eUnder five years old only