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Table 1 The weights of the criteria in Israel

From: Efficiency and equity considerations in the preferences of health policy-makers in Israel

  Number of respondents The technology is intended for patients suffering from a severe disease Funding the technology is required so that the poor can receive it The Technology is intended to treat a disease common among children The technology is intended to treat a disease common among the elderly Individual Benefit The number of patients requiring the technology Cost per QALY Total
Type of criteria equity equity equity equity efficiency efficiency efficiency  
Total respondents 65 11% 19% 14% 10% 19% 15% 12% 100%
Rank   6 1 4 7 1 3 5  
International study definitions Equity weight = 54% Efficiency weight = 46%      100%
Alternative definitiona Equity weight = 40% Efficiency weight = 60%      100%
  1. aSeeing the criteria “the technology is targeted to children” as an efficiency criterion