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Table 1 Lifestyle Medicine spiral curriculum structure, content areas, methodology, and teachers (as of 2013–2014)

From: Medical students as health coaches: Implementation of a student-initiated Lifestyle Medicine curriculum

Academic year


Focus of LM Content Areasa, health coaching practice

Educational Methods


1st year (Mandatory)

Introduction to LM (28 h)

LM and health, short relative/friend coaching practice (elective)

Lectures; LM history taking,

Sport physician, exercise physiologist, Family Medicine physician, nutritionist, health psychologist, Public Health physician

3rd year (Mandatory)

Community LM (6 h)

LM and public health, short relative/friend coaching practice (mandatory)

Lectures, discussions, case studies, webinar

Family Medicine physician, Public Health physician, family physician

4th year (Mandatory)

LM Counseling (4 h)

LM and disease management, short hospital-based coaching practice (mandatory)

Bedside teaching, case presentation

Family Medicine physician, Public Health physician

5th–6th year (Elective)

Ambulatory LM (18 h)

LM and disease management, one-year ambulatory patient coaching practice (elective)

Case presentation, lectures, hands on workshops

Public Health physician, Family Medicine physician, exercise physiologist, social worker

  1. aContent areas include nutrition, physical activity, smoking secession, and behavioral change