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Table 3 – Categories and lessons learned regarding student acceptance of LM program

From: Medical students as health coaches: Implementation of a student-initiated Lifestyle Medicine curriculum

Category Lessons learned
LM in medical education - LM curriculum is highly accepted by students.
- Students perceive LM as an essential component of their future professional role as physicians.
Health coaching practice - Medical students desire to be actively engaged in patient care.
- Mentoring and support should be provided as in all learning of clinical activities.
- Students are eager to address their own health behaviors.
Coaching friends and relatives - Coaching relatives and friends is generally accepted by students as a suitable precursor to coaching patients.
- Working with relatives might be too challenging for some students, thus other options such as working with friends should be available.
- Curriculum should include specific considerations about working with friends and relatives.
Coaching patients - Students believe that patients accept their role as health coaches.
- Coaching patients motivate students to seek more LM education.
- Family physicians recognize the value of coaching their patients by medical students.