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Table 3 Major Categories from Responses to Survey Open Questions

From: Violence against physicians and nurses in a hospital: How does it happen? A mixed-methods study

Categories Total
 1. Staff behavior Dismissive attitude, arrogance, superiority, disrespect, blunt tone, extreme and violent reactions, lack of guidance and misalignment of expectations 1576 38.9%
 2. Patient behavior Culture, violent attitude, sickness, anxiety, loss, drugs/alcohol/medications, psychiatric disease;feeling of loss and fear 1076 26.5%
 3. Hospital setting and organizational conditions Uncomfortable physical conditions, lack of staffing, lack of transparency, lack of support for staff support, architectural design of location 704 17.3%
 4. Waiting Time Waiting time for examinations, treatments, physician consultation, and imaging 384 9.5%
 5. Dealing with and Resolving a Violent Event 128 3.1%
 6. Others Personal and others’ stories of violent episodes 179 4.3%
Total 4047 100%