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Table 3 Reasons for seeking a second opinion (n = 422 reasons provided by the 344 respondents who obtained a second opinion)

From: Seeking a second medical opinion: composition, reasons and perceived outcomes in Israel

Reasons for seeking a second opinion n (%)
I wanted to test the suggested diagnosis with another doctor; I had \doubts about the treatment recommended 161 (38.1%)
I was looking for sub-specialist 82 (19.4%)
I was unsatisfied from the communication with the doctor, there was no “chemistry”; I felt they didn’t give me enough information and I want a detailed explanation. 81 (19.2%)
The previous treatment was ineffective 65 (15.4%)
Other reasons 33 (7.8%)
  1. Respondents could provide more than one reason for seeking a second opinion. Hence, the number of reasons is larger than the number of respondents