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Table 1 Most accessed articles (Based on Biomed Central database, as of December 1, 2017)

From: Updates and reflections about the IJHPR, on the eve of its seventh year

Patterns of globalized reproduction: Egg cells regulation in Israel and Austria
 Carmel Shalev and Gabriele Werner-Felmayer - 2012 (20,296)
Doctor-patient communication in the e-health era
 Jonathan Weiner - 2012 (16,369)
The effect of clinical interventions on hospital readmissions: a meta-review of published metaanalyses
 Jochanan Benbassat and Mark Taragin - 2013 (15,168)
Climate change and health in Israel: adaptation policies for extreme weather events
 Manfred S Green, Noemie Groag Pri-or, Guedi Capeluto, Yoram Epstein and Shlomit Paz – 2013 (10,551)
Compassion fatigue, burnout and compassion satisfaction among family physicians in the Negev area
 Nurit El-bar, Amalia Levy, Hedy S Wald and Aya Biderman – 2013 (9,612)