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Table 2 Most cited IJHPR articles (Based on Web of Science, as of December 1, 2017)

From: Updates and reflections about the IJHPR, on the eve of its seventh year

Cites Year Title and author
16 2013 Compassion fatigue, burnout and compassion satisfaction among family physicians in the Negev area - a cross-sectional study
Nurit El-bar et al..........
15 2012 The association between continuity of care in the community and health outcomes: a population-based study
Jacob Dreiher et al
14 2012 Which health technologies should be funded? A prioritization framework based explicitly on value for money
Ofra Golan and Paul Hansen
14 2012 Community healthcare in Israel: quality indicators 2007–2009
Dena Jaffe et al
13 2012 Doctor-patient communication in the e-health era
Jonathan Weiner
11 2012 Quality of online health information about oral contraceptives from Hebrew-language websites
Yehuda Neumark et al
10 2015 Tobacco policy in Israel: 1948–2014 and beyond
Laura Rosen and Maya Peled-Raz
10 2014 Israeli nurse practice environment characteristics, retention, and job satisfaction
Freda Ganz et al
10 2013 The effect of clinical interventions on hospital readmissions: a meta-review of published meta-analyses
Jochanan Benbassat and Mark Taragin
10 2012 Medical specialty considerations by medical students early in their clinical experience
Charles Weissman et al