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Table 1 Clinical and demographic characteristics of the 25 patients diagnosed with tuberculosis in this outbreak and the source case, Tel-Aviv district

From: Tuberculosis outbreak in a nursing home involving undocumented migrants and Israeli citizens

patient Age (years) Sex Contact Country TST 1st/2nd (mm) Diagnosis date (month, year) Smear/culture symptoms Chest X ray/Chest imaging Site
1 31 M Nursing home and card club Eritrea −/− 11/2012 Pos/Pos Productive cough, fever, weakness, loss of appetite Small cavitation in left upper lobe and disseminated reticulonodular and thickening Pulmonary
2 24 M Nursing home FSU 14/− 12/2012 Neg/Pos (from pleura) Fever, cough, weight loss Large perihillar infiltrates with mediastinal shift, left pleural effusion and suspected infiltrations Pleura
3 26 M Nursing home Eritrea 23/− 12/2013 Pos/Pos Hemoptysis, weakness, fever, chest and back pain Right upper lobe infiltration Pulmonary
4 29 F Nursing home FSU 0/ 0 12/2014 Pos/Pos Fever, dyspnea Bilateral infiltrations with small left lower lobe shadowing and cavitation Pulmonary
5 26 M Card club Eritrea −/− 10/2012 Pos/Pos Productive cough, weight loss, fever Non-homogeneous bilateral diffuse shadowing with Right upper lobe cavitation Pulmonary
6 72 M Unknown FSU −/− 11/2012 Neg/Pos Cough, pleuritic chest pain Left lower lobe atelectasis Pulmonary
7 23 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 10/2012 Pos/Pos Fever, abdominal pain, weakness, weight loss, cough CT: Right lung multiple small nodular infiltration, (abdominal CT: ascites, omental soft tissue infiltration) Pulmonary and abdominal
8 39 M Card club Eritrea −/− 02/2012 Pos/Pos Productive cough, weakness, weight loss, Right upper lobe shadowing, small fibrotic changes at left upper lobe Pulmonary
9 29 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 04/2012 Pos/Pos Dyspnea, weakness, productive cough Bilateral infiltration and right large pleural effusion Pulmonary
10 42 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 04/2012 Pos/Pos Fever. Productive cough, chest pain Right upper lobe shadowing Pulmonary
11 28 M Married, friends Eritrea −/− 05/2012 Pos/Pos Cough, weight loss, Weakness Large Left upper lobe cavitation, multiple pulmonary foci, hematogenic spread Miliary
12 21 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 05/2012 Neg/Pos Fever, cognitive decline, stupor Diffuse perihilar shadowing Miliary
13 20 M Card Club Eritrea −/− 05/2012 Neg/Pos Productive cough, white sputum Left lower lobe shadowing pulmonary
14 29 M Card Club; friends Eritrea 12 mm/− 03/2013 Pos/Pos Weight loss, night sweats, productive cough Right lower lobe-non homogeneous shadowing, small pleural effusion Pulmonary
15 33 M Unknown Sudan −/− 02/2013 Pos/Pos shoulder pain, cough, fever, anorexia Enhanced pulmonary pattern in left inferior lobe Pulmonary and vertebral
16 35 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 02/2013 Neg/Pos Systematic symptoms Left upper lung shadowing Pulmonary
17 29 F Unknown Eritrea −/− 02/2013 Neg/Pos Chest pain, cough, chills, dyspnea Right lower lobe shadowing with pleural effusion Pleura
18 28 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 06/2012 Neg/Pos Fever, productive cough, weight loss, night sweats, anorexia, abdominal pain, emesis Right hilar widening, lymphadenopathy Pulmonary, lymph and thorax
19 30 M Card club Eritrea −/− 03/2015 Pos/Pos Fever, dyspnea, chest pain, cough Wide consolidation, air broncho gram left lung pulmonary
20 27 M Card club Eritrea −/− 03/2015 Neg/Pos Weight loss, chest pain Normal chest x-ray Vertebral
21 30 M Card club Eritrea −/− 03/2015 Neg/pos Fever, cough, dyspnea Right pneumothorax, mediastinal shift, left perihilar shadowing Pulmonary
22 40 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 12/2015 Pos/Pos Cough, anorexia, weight loss Left upper lobe shadowing and infiltration Pulmonary, abdominal, genito-urinary and lymph
23 28 M Card club Eritrea −/− 05/2014 Neg/Pos Cough Bilateral infiltration, suspected cavitation Pulmonary
24 26 F Card Club, married Eritrea −/− 05/2012 Neg/Pos Weakness, loss of appetite Left pleural effusion, right hydropneumothorax Pulmonary and pleura
25 23 M Card club Eritrea −/− 04/2015 Neg/Pos Chest pain, hemoptysis, weight loss, anorexia Right upper lobe- consolidation with cavitation Pulmonary
26 31 M Unknown Eritrea −/− 09/2012 Pos/Pos Cough, weight loss, weakness Disseminated right middle lobe, left upper lobe infiltration, right middle lobe cavitation Pulmonary
  1. F Female, FSU Former Soviet Union, M Male, Neg negative, Pos Positive, TST Tuberculin screening test