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Table 1 Examples of headlines in Israeli newspapers

From: The evolution of Israeli public policy for drug-using backpackers

Issue Israeli newspaper headlines:
Correlation of backpackers and drug abuse “Thousands of young Israeli participants at drug and alcohol parties in India,” Ma’ariv, December 26, 1995. By Yoav Limor;
“Thousands of Israelis for seven days dropping acid at huge beach party in India,” Yediot Aharonot, December 29, 1995. By Asefa Peled;
“Indian trip: Yes, thousands of Israelis participate each year in acid parties in India,” Ma’ariv, December 29, 1995. By Yoav Limor;
“Israelis get high in India: Taking drug-trips,” Yediot Aharonot, January 1, 1996. By De Bar, S;
“Thousands of Israelis at the biggest drug party in the world,” Yediot Aharonot, December 26, 1995. By Peled, A.;
“Sylvester in Goa: The biggest drug party. Israelis in Goa celebrate tonight,” Ma’ariv, December 31, 1995. By Capra, M.;
“Goa: Israelis, drugs, and Sylvester. A few hours before the opening of the biggest drug party in India,” Ma’ariv, January 1,1996. By Capra, M.;
“Sylvester in Goa: Mom, what a great trip! A quarter to seven in the morning the sun rises in Goa and the drug party reaches its peak,” Ma’ariv, January 2, 1996. By Capra, M.;
“Goa,” Ma’ariv Weekend, January 5, 1996. By Capra, M.
Correlation of backpackers, drug abuse and mental illness and insanity “Five Israelis who took hallucinogenic drugs in India suffer from psychotic episodes: Possibility of sending a plane to India to rescue victims of drugs,” Ma’ariv, December 27, 1995. By Yaakov Galanti;
“24-year-old Israeli woman rescued from Goa in difficult psychotic condition,” Yediot Aharonot, February 19, 1996. By Sofer, R.;
“Israeli who smoked drugs in Goa admitted to psychiatric hospital,” Ma’ariv, February 2, 1996. By Capra, M.;
“Israeli woman rescued from Goa,” Ma’ariv, February 19, 1996. By Shaked. Y.
Correlation between backpackers, drug abuse and death “The visit to the East almost finished his life: A young man boy tells his mother he took magic mushrooms, but after returning to Israel, suffered a severe reaction and was hospitalized,” Ma’ariv, December 27, 1995.
  “For David Kim, Goa is a bad dream: a year ago rescued…,” Ma’ariv, December 27, 1995. By Golan Yosifon;
“Return from Goa,” Yediot Aharonot Weekend, January 5, 1996. By Argaman-Barnea, A.;
“Celebration ended in Goa,” Yediot Aharonot, January 16, 1996. By Baum, A.& Eshel, S.;
“The solution is not India! Instead of necessary treatment, unit sent to Goa beach, with or without condoms, wrangles with authorities,” Haaretz, January 1, 1996. By Golan, A
Correlation between backpackers and delinquency/ drug trafficking “Israeli backpacker arrested in Goa suspected as drug dealer,” Ma’ariv, January 10, 1996. By Brenner, D. & Cohen, A.;
“30 young Israelis arrested in India and Thailand for drug offenses,” Haaretz, January 24, 1996. By Alon, G. & Zrahiya, T.
Correlation of construction of clear and tangible danger due to these behaviors and media prediction of dire consequences if failure to act:
Creates call for parents to worry over their children’s potential interaction with drugs
“Possibility of sending plane to India to rescue victims of drugs,” Ma’ariv, December 27, 1995. By Yaakov Galanti;
“Israelis in India panic: Hundreds of worried parents phone Goa, begging children to go home,” Yediot Aharonot, December 31, 1995. By Asefa Peled;
“Parents asked to fly to Goa, India, to return their children from drug party,” Haaretz, December 27, 1995. By Rali, S;
“Parents do something about children traveling to India! Young Israeli Limor Cohen pleads in emotional letter to newspaper,” Yediot Aharonot, December 31, 1995. By Rimon, N.
Correlation of reference to State of Israel (including law enforcement) and its actions in addressing the serious problem of drug using backpackers “Police considering sending narcotics detectives to Goa beach,” Yediot Aharonot, December 28, 1995. By Meiri, D., Travelsi-Hadad, T. & Baum, I.;
“Indian embassy prepares list of Israelis in Goa zone,” Yediot Aharonot, December 29, 1995. By Meiri, D. & Yakir, Y.;
“Appointed committee for Israeli drug problems abroad,” ITIM (Israel News Agency), January 8, 1996;
“Tightening cooperation between Israeli and Indian police
forces: Israeli police representatives may go to India to investigate drug parties,” Haaretz, December 28, 1995. By Shapira, R.;
“Police afraid of pressure in ‘Goa affair’: Indians may arrest Israelis,” Haaretz, January 3, 1996.