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Table 1 ᅟ

From: Taxation of sugar sweetened beverages and unhealthy foods: a qualitative study of key opinion leaders’ views

Interview stances
1. According to your world-view, is obesity a personal problem or is it a problem/phenomenon that is of public interest?
2. In your opinion, who holds the responsibility for dealing (preventing and treating) with this issue?
3. What is your opinion on the issue of using negative incentives (i.e., increased taxation) for changing an individual’s lifestyle?
4. Certain countries have initiatives for taxation of unhealthy beverages and food. For example, in May 2010 in Washington DC, a 6% sales tax intended for funding of a physical activity program was imposed on sweetened beverages and energy drinks. What is your opinion about a similar initiative in Israel? (Would you be for it or would you oppose it and why, in terms of the organization that you represent).
5. In your opinion what would be the reaction of the public to such an initiative? (Please specify the reasons for your support or opposition).
6. Do you think that imposing such a tax would affect the public’s consumption of these products?
7. In your opinion, which sectors (apart from the general public) would be expected to oppose such tax?
8. What would be the reasons for opposing such tax?
9. What additional obstacles to implementation of this tax would be expected in Israel?
10. Who, in your opinion would support such a tax?
11. What is your opinion on such a tax if its revenues would be earmarked to specific causes (as compared to a general tax whose revenues are directed to the general treasury)?
12. To which causes should the tax’s revenues be directed?