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Table 1 Timeline of Regulation of Pharmacy Services in Israel

From: Clinical and other specialty services offered by pharmacists in the community: the international arena and Israel

Service Regulation No. Year of addition into pharmacy regulation Status as of 2018
Drug dispensing The Pharmacists’ Ordinance [1] 1981 (The Pharmacist’s Ordinance was in effect prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948.) Implemented
Dispensing of unregistered drugs based on individual needs The Pharmacists’ Ordinance; regulation 29, clause C [48] 2007 Authorized in all pharmacies; practiced in most pharmacies
Medication advice and guidance Regulation no. 112 and 113 [6, 7] 2013 Authorized and practiced in all pharmacies
Biometric testing: Measuring blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and body mass index (BMI) Regulation no. 113 [7] 2013 Authorized in all pharmacies; practiced in many community pharmacies, especially chain pharmacies
Dependent and independent prescribing The Pharmacist Ordinance addition, Pharmacist Prescription [1] [8] 2014 Authorized in all pharmacies contracted with an HMO; not yet practiced
Extemporaneous compounding 132 and 135 [40] [42] 2000, 2014 Simple compounding authorized and practiced in all pharmacies; complex/high risk compounding authorized and practiced in some pharmacies
Messenger drug delivery 128 [44] 2014 Authorized in all pharmacies practiced in few pharmacies
Emergency supply of medications 154 [8] 2016 Authorized and practiced in many pharmacies (mostly privately-owned)
Influenza vaccination 160 [43] 2017 Authorized in all pharmacies; implemented in 1 pharmacy