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Table 5 Multivariate linear regression model for identification of variables associated with the length of use of coercive measures

From: Clinical and demographic characteristics of secluded and mechanically restrained mentally ill patients: a retrospective study

Variables beta p
 Mood disorders Ref.a  
 Organic mental disorders −.048 .307
 Schizophrenia −.143 .009
 Mental and behavior disorders due to psychoactive .018 .715
 substance use   
 Personality disorders .073 .088
 Mental retardation −.038 .350
Family status
 Divorced Ref.  
 Single −.107 .039
 Married −.050 .330
Sedative treatment during coercive measures
 Yes Ref.  
 No −.023 .670
Antipsychotic treatment during coercive measures
 Yes .188 .001
 No Ref.  
Reasons for coercive measures
 Violent towards oneself .105 .041
 Violent towards patients .019 .728
 Violent towards team .037 .471
 All above reasons Ref.  
Coercive measures
 Seclusion Ref.  
 Restraint .312 >.001
Degreed male nurses
 No Ref.  
 Yes −.084 .038
Academic female nurses
 No Ref.  
 Yes −.114 .005
  1. aRef. designates the referent element for each category examined