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Table 3 Work conditions and factors correlated with satisfaction

From: Integration of the first physician assistants into Israeli emergency departments – the physician assistants’ perspective

 MeanaSDSpearman rho [ƿ]
My contribution to the patients is significant5.50.60.23
My contribution to the ED physicians is significant5.50.70.13
I am exposed to a variety of interesting clinical cases at work5.30.80.37
My contribution to the ED is significant50.70.25
I believe there is a market demand for PAs51.30.1
I believe I can build myself a position in the ED4.91.10.37
I am happy to belong to the ED team4.810.49
I have feelings of challenge and responsibility at work4.81.20.47
I am exposed to a variety of interesting clinical cases at work, more than in my previous job4.81.30.44
I have better hours compared to my previous work4.81.80.41
I have practice variation4.41.30.37
I feel that my position/status is not what I expected it to be4.31.3−0.56
My work allows me to use my professional skills4.210.41
As a PA trainee, I do a lot of menial work3.810.02
I have more treatment authority than in my previous job2.21.30.29
  1. a Ratings from 1 (not at all) to 6 (to a very large extent)