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Table 1 Overview of interviewees

From: Data integration of electronic medical record under administrative decentralization of medical insurance and healthcare in China: a case study

Organization type Role of interviewees Types of interviews The number of interviewees
Central government Officials in National Health and Family Planning Commission. group interview 2
Officials in Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China. group interview 2
Provincial governments Leaders of the MIA and HA in A. 2 individual interviews 2
Head of information department in HA in B. individual interview 1
Head of information department in HA in C. individual interview 1
Hospitals Persons in charge of health informatics from five well-known hospitals in Beijing. 5 individual interviews 5
Companies Heads of five health information technology enterprises. group interview 7
Leaders from two MI information technology enterprises. 3
Leaders from two commercial health insurance companies. group interview 4
Total    27