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Table 4 Likelihood of violence-related severe and critical injury, penetrating injury and admission to intensive care unit among ethnic groups (N = 16,151)

From: Minorities and foreign born are disproportionately affected by injuries due to violence: an analysis based on a National Trauma Registry 2008–2017

Variable OR (95% CI)
Severe and critical injury (ISS 16+)a 0.92 (0.83–1.02) 1.78 (1.40–2.25) 1.38 (1.19–1.59)
Penetrating injuryb 0.99 (0.85–1.16) 0.86 (0.56–1.29) 1.07 (0.85–1.34)
Admission to ICUc 0.95 (0.83–1.09) 1.92 (1.42–2.58) 0.93 (0.76–1.14)
  1. Abbreviations: AI Arab Israelis, IBE Israelis Born in Ethiopia, IBFSU Israelis Born in former Soviet Union, AOI All other Israelis, OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, ISS Injury severity score, ICU Intensive care unit
  2. aAdjusted for age, gender, violence mechanism and injury type
  3. bAdjusted for age, gender and violence mechanism
  4. cAdjusted for age, gender, ISS, violence mechanism and injury type
  5. Note that age was categorized into five groups (0–14, 15–24, 25–44, 45–64, 65+), violence mechanism was grouped into (unarmed brawl, assault with object, stabbing, firearm and other), injury type as (penetrating versus non-penetrating) and ISS as (1–14 vs 16–75)
  6. The reference group for each model outcome was the group not having that specific characteristic