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Table 7 Personal characteristics and average annual use of community-based health care services in each income quantile (below/above median), 2009

From: The economic burden of health disparities related to socioeconomic status in Israel

Submedian Above-median
Observations in survey 13,502 11,093
Individuals in population 3,342,155 2,716,041
Avg. size of individuals’ households 3.75 3.13
Net income per standard adult in individual’s household (USD) 590 1849
Share of children and young adults (up to age 24) in households 51% 36%
Share of persons aged 65+ 10% 10%
Share of persons with chronic or protracted illnessa 19% 24%
Share of persons with disabilitiesb 4.3% 3.2%
Visits to a doctor (avg. per individual) 6.70 7.07
 Thereof: to a primary physician 5.17 5.10
  Thereof: to a family-practice physician 3.68 3.74
  to a secondary physician 1.53 1.97
Visits to paramedical professionals 0.73 1.16
MRI scans (not entailing hospitalization) per 1000 persons 10.86 20.74
  1. aThe share of persons with at least one of the following illnesses or conditions: hypertension, heart attack or myocardial infarction, other heart disease, stroke, diabetes, asthma, chronic pulmonary disease, chronic digestive condition, cancer, depression, or anxiety
  2. bThe survey participants were asked if they had disabilities in moving about outside their homes and in ascending and descending stairs and whether they could, unassisted, get dressed, bathe, eat, sit down and stand up, and get into and get out of bed