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Table 3 The mean and standard deviation for NAQ-R items (5-point Likert scale)

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Workplace bullying and its preventive measures and productivity among emergency department nurses

  Mean SD
1- Someone withholding information which affects your performance (Work-related bullying) 1.766 .895
2- Being humiliated or ridiculed in connection with your work (Person-related bullying) 1.966 .986
3- Being ordered to do work below your level of competence (Work-related bullying) 1.858 .928
4- Having key areas of responsibility removed or replaced with more trivial or unpleasant tasks (Person-related bullying) 1.925 .997
5- Spreading of gossip and rumors about you (Person-related bullying) 1.966 1.011
6- Being ignored or excluded (Person-related bullying) 1.883 .971
7- Having had insulting or offensive remarks made about your person, attitudes, or private life (Person-related bullying) 1.966 1.076
8- Being shouted at, or being the target of spontaneous anger (Physically intimidating bullying) 1.908 .995
9- Intimidating behaviors such as finger-pointing, invasion of personal space, shoving, blocking your way (Physically intimidating bullying) 1.925 1.070
10- Hints or signals from others that you should quit your job (Person-related bullying) 1.833 .955
11- Repeated reminders of your errors or mistakes (Person-related bullying) 2.200 1.192
12- Being ignored or facing a hostile reaction when you approach (Person-related bullying) 2.133 1.129
13- Persistent criticism of your errors or mistakes (Person-related bullying) 2.166 1.183
14- Having your opinions ignored (Work-related bullying) 2.158 1.209
15- Practical jokes carried out by people you don’t get along with (Person-related bullying) 2.050 1.158
16- Being given tasks with unreasonable deadlines (Work-related bullying) 2.116 1.182
17- Having allegations made against you (Person-related bullying) 1.933 1.098
18- Excessive monitoring of your work (Work-related bullying) 2.225 1.198
19- Pressure not to claim something to which by right you are entitled (Work-related bullying) 2.208 1.235
20- Being the subject of excessive teasing and sarcasm (Person-related bullying) 1.966 1.180
21- Being exposed to an unmanageable workload (Work-related bullying) 2.291 1.252
22- Threats of violence or physical abuse or actual abuse (Physically intimidating bullying) 2.016 1.130