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Table 5 The scores of the prevention of bullying questionnaire sub-scales and items with the highest and lowest scores

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Workplace bullying and its preventive measures and productivity among emergency department nurses

Variable Mean (SD) Highest item mean score (SD) Name of the item with the highest mean score Lowest item mean score (SD) Name of the item with the lowest mean score
Unit sub-scale 2.20 (.58) 2.53 (1.02) Item 39: There is a feeling of collegial support on my unit 1.38 (.83) Item 1: My unit encourages or allows bullying
Individual sub-scale 2.26 (.59) 2.50 (1.02) Item 14: I know the process of how to report bullying 2.02 (1.06) Item 4: The hospital administration is unable to manage conflict or manages it ineffectively
Institutional sub-scale 2.33 (.79) 2.48 (1.05) Item 11: My hospital is ethically committed to fostering an anti-bullying work environment 2.20 (1.02) Item 7: There are known standards in my hospital about bullying