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Table 2 Factors associated with mothers’ consulting a professional or school source for mental health concerns: Logistic regression analyses (OR and 95% CI)

From: Barriers to help-seeking in Israeli Arab minority adolescents with mental health problems: results from the Galilee study

Characteristics of the adolescent Mothers consulted a professional or school source
OR (95% CI)
Internalizing disorder
 Yes 2.05 (1.44–2.91)
 No 1.00 [Reference]
Externalizing disorder
 Yes 5.678 (3.28–9.82)
 No 1.00 [Reference]
 Muslim 1.16 (0.85–1.58)
 Druze 1.00 [Reference]
In welfare care
 Yes 2.24 (1.65–3.03)
 No 1.00 [Reference]
 High 1.49 (1.11–1.99)
 Low 1.00 [Reference]
Feels uncomfortable at home  
 Yes 1.28 (0.90–1.81)
 No 1.00 [Reference]