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Table 1 Prevalence of media coverage for different disease types

From: Hierarchy of hair loss stigma: media portrayals of cancer, alopecia areata, and ringworm in Israeli newspapers

Coverage Ringworm AA Cancer α χ2 Value LB 95% CI UB 95% CI
References to disease/patients 11.9%a 55.3%b 3.2%c 0.94 102.07*** .0001 .0001
 Newspaper, national 60.6%a 68.4%a 87.5%b   67.49*** .0001 .0001
 Newspaper, local 10.1%a 0.0%b 0.4%b     
 Online news 20.2%a 31.6%b 11.4%c     
 Religious newspapers 9.2%a 0.0%b 0.7%b     
Story type
 News 75.2%a 57.9%b 80.4%a 0.79 19.40*** .001 .002
 Opinion 11.9%a 7.9%b 3.6%b     
 Magazine 12.8%a 34.2%b 16.1%a     
  1. AA alopecia areata, α Krippendorff’s Alpha, 95% CI 95% confidence interval, LB lower bound value, UB upper bound value
  2. Different superscript letters indicate significantly different prevalence. ***p < .001