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Table 2 Work Satisfaction as a Paramedic (n = 200)

From: Factors that affect Israeli paramedics’ decision to quit the profession: a mixed methods study

Factor/facetLarge extent (%)Moderate extent (%)Little extent (%)Irrelevant (%)Meana ± sd
Ability to save lives885430.79 ± 4.49
The training/professional preparation75131020.91 ± 3.96
The equipment needed to perform the work69151510.95 ± 3.73
The ability to make decisions at work56182421.17 ± 3.43
Work as a paramedic in general24155561.08 ± 3.43
Work integrates well with family life14186441.28 ± 2.60
  1. aMean was calculated excluding “irrelevant” answers