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Table 3 Reasons for Quitting the Profession (n = 200)

From: Factors that affect Israeli paramedics’ decision to quit the profession: a mixed methods study

Reasons for leavingLarge extent (%)Moderate extent (%)Small extent (%)Mean ± sd
I felt that I had no career advancement opportunities834131.78 ± 5.60
The wages were too low6714191.95 ± 5.08
I got a job offer with better terms608322.25 ± 4.63
I wanted to study another field469452.19 ± 3.79
Working in shifts made life difficult for my family life3916452.04 ± 3.66
I felt ashamed of my work3119501.95 ± 3.36
The physical working conditions were hard for me2819531.97 ± 3.34
I felt I was working too hard2917541.90 ± 3.30
I felt exhausted at the end of the work day3116531.95 ± 3.25
I felt frustrated by my work2713601.90 ± 3.15
I felt emotionally drained by my work2616582.01 ± 3.05
I did not get along very well with my superiors2410661.90 ± 2.83
I felt as if I had reached the limit of my suffering2012681.84 ± 2.62
I felt more indifferent to patients1414721.67 ± 2.41
I felt tired every time I had to face another day’s work2513621.83 ± 2.97
I felt I was beginning to treat some of my patients as if they were objects1414721.68 ± 2.40
I did not get along very well with my coworkers67871.26 ± 1.85