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Table 1 Type and percent disability, circumstances of the injury, education, and degree of integration into the workforce

From: Integrating Israeli Defense Force (IDF) veterans with disabilities into the workforce: characteristics and predictors

 No. of Participants (N = 1416)
Characteristics of the type of injury
 Combination (physical and mental)986.9
 Combination (physical and post-traumatic)39227.7
 Head injury1218.5
Percent Disability at the time of the study
 Up to 29%57340.46
 100% special a473.32
Circumstances of the injury
 Training/combat accident22916.2
 General injury b37426.4
 Traffic accident19213.6
 Terrorism c1148.0
Education at the time of the injury
 Up to 12 years124587.9
 13–14 years1027.2
 15+ years694.9
Education at the time of the research
 Up to 12 years63444.8
 13–14 years22515.9
 15+ years55739.3
Integration into the workforce at the time of the study
  1. a Special disability includes full paralysis in both legs, full paralysis of half the body, quadriplegic, amputation of two upper or lower limbs, blindness, and certain head injuries
  2. b General injuries – includes injuries such as: Various injuries, injury while playing, damage to objects, etc.…
  3. c Terrorism - Injury as a result of hostile terrorist activity (mainly suicide bombings and explosives)